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Difficulty: Easy
Abilities: Lava Bomb
Tongue Grab
Rock Wall

Behemoth's limited mobility is countered by his ability to control the movement of his enemies. Rock Wall blocks paths while Tongue Grab brings enemies into close combat. Fissure can climb surfaces or drop off ledges and Lava Bomb turns large areas into scorching lava pools.

The Behemoth is one of the Monsters in evolve.


Behemoth Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Armor 14 bars 14 bars 14 bars
Health 8 bars 11 bars 15 bars

Behemoth is a ginormous rolling juggernaut, peering down on enemies through molten eyes. A brawler at heart, he makes up for his slow speed with pure brute strength. If he does not crush you to death, his lava bomb will melt you alive.


The Behemoth has four main abilities, which can be upgraded over the course of play.

  • Lava Bomb - Lava Bomb is a charge up long range attack, that covers an area with burning cinders.
  • Tongue Grab - Tongue Grab wraps around a distant target and pulls it to Behemoth’s location.
  • Fissure - Behemoth smashes his hands on the ground, creating a fissure that travels over terrain, scalding and launching anything in its path.
  • Rock Wall - Rock Wall creates a huge barrier, trapping a target to be pounced, shielding the monster from damage, or as a way to escape should the need arise.

Helpful gameplay tips

The Behemoth can use a handful of specialty strategies to better deal with the challenges in Evolve:

Lava Bomb

The Behemoth spits a slew of molten rock from its mouth that explodes on impact, scattering four secondary lava "bombs", and leaving a temporary field of scalding magma that burns anything that steps on it at the point of impact. Lava Bomb has a range of 195 meters, which is more than half the length of the largest map in Evolve, making it an effective way to deal damage from a very large distance.

Tongue grab

Behemoth uses its harpoon-like tongue to fling Hunters into melee range. This ability has a range of 344.4ft, and is effective for separating one Hunter from the rest- as such, Rock Wall pairs quite well with this ability. While Tongue Grab doesn't do much damage, it has numerous tactical uses, such as snagging fleeing Hunters. It is of note that the Hunter is merely flung through the air towards Behemoth, as opposed to being quickly dragged all the way back, such as with Wraith's Abduct ability.


Behemoth smashes the ground with his massive fists, splitting the ground in open in a line in front of him and dealing damage to anything caught in the way. Fissure can travel over terrain, making it an effective way to damage Hunters in places it would otherwise take some time to reach, like hills. Fissure deals considerable damage, and can damage anything caught in its path, no matter how many targets there are. However, Hunters can easily evade this ability by propelling themselves into the air with their jetpacks.

Rock Wall

The Behemoth erects a massive, curved wall of rock in front of itself. The wall is 167.3 feet tall, forcing Hunters to expend their entire bar of fuel if they wish to clear the top. The wall lasts about 6 seconds and gets wider with every point put into it during evolution, and serves as an effective block to keep Hunters away or to separate one Hunter from the rest. It is of note that Rock Wall will not perform properly if there is an entity in the area the wall appears in- for example, if there was some wildlife in the middle of the wall when it appears, the wildlife will block that area of the wall from being created, creating a gap in the wall that Hunters can easily move through. This applies to all entities in Evolve- however, Rock Wall does deal some damage to anything too close to where it appears.

Alternate skins

The Behemoth has several alternate skins that can be unlocked through play: