Blitz Markov

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Blitz Markov
Blitz Markov
Class: Assault
Difficulty: Easy
Main Weapon: Tesla Gun
Sidearm: Assault Rifle
Special: Tesla Mine
Ability: Defense Matrix

Blitz Markov may be difficult to master but he has high damage potential. Positioning and timing are key. The Tesla Gun's damage increases the longer the beam remains unbroken. Tesla Mines increase damage the longer they stay on the field and the Assault Rifle has a small clip but high fire rate.

Blitz Markov is an Assault hunter.

Summary[edit | edit source]

While Original Markov is a great all-around Assault, Blitz Markov trades damage reliability for increased damage potential. He starts off doing less damage than his vanilla counterpart, but given enough time, he's one of the highest damage dealers in Evolve.

Weapon loadout[edit | edit source]

Blitz Markov is a sustained-damage dealer, contrary to his burst-damage vanilla counterpart, Markov. As such, his weapons are designed to ramp up the damage they do as time goes on.

Tesla Gun[edit | edit source]

The Tesla Gun deals less initial damage than the Lightning Gun, but ramps up over time to deal double. The beam it shoots changes color as the gun changes damage stages, starting with a blue beam reminiscent of the Lightning Gun, and culminating in an orange-gold beam at maximum power. Stages are reset as soon as the gun stops firing, taking time to ramp up again.

  • Capacity: 6.5s / Charge
  • DPS: 140/165/250/275
  • Stage Change Time: 1.5s
  • Full Recharge: 6s
  • Range: 23m
  • Target Lock: 18° about the reticle
  • Target Loss: 28° about the reticle

Assault Rifle[edit | edit source]

A stark contrast to the Tesla Gun, Blitz Markov's Assault Rifle is designed for burst damage. Compared to Markov's Rifle, this one has a drastically decreased magazine size and slightly lower damage, but makes up for that with a higher rate of fire and faster reload time.

  • Damage / Bullet: 19
  • Magazine Size: 25 rounds
  • RPM: 540
  • Reload Time: 2s
  • Min Spread (stationary, zoomed): 1.1m
  • Max Spread (mobile, unzoomed): 4m

Tesla Mine[edit | edit source]

Like the Tesla Gun, the Tesla Mine is designed to ramp up damage dealt over time. When left on the ground, the mine will slowly warm up to deal 150% that of the Arc Mines.

  • Damage: 350/550/750/950
  • Stage Change Time: 4s
  • Reload: 1.11s
  • Deployable Range: 5.2m
  • Trigger Radius: 10m, 100% damage at >5m
  • HP: 25

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