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Class: Support
Difficulty: Easy
Main Weapon: Guided Missile Launcher
Sidearm: Sentry Guns
Special: Mechanized Recharge
Ability: Shield Burst

Bucket keeps the team safe with superior firepower and defensive abilities. Guided Missiles are his primary weapon while deployable Sentry Guns are great for mounting a defense. Combined with Mechanized Recharge, Bucket is able to decrease the recharge time of all Hunter class abilities to help gain the upper hand during fights.

Bucket is one of the twelve Hunters in Evolve, and is the first Support character that can be unlocked.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Normally charged with flying the ship, Bucket uses a modified repair drone chassis when the time comes to support his human comrades on the ground. His Guided Missile Launcher, deployable Sentry Guns, and detachable UAV make him more than a match for anything organic.

Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

Bucket is a character which focuses entirely on supporting the various Hunters who make up his team. His loadout reflects this, supporting both direct assault and heavy-firepower oriented backup:

  • Guided Missile Launcher Damage: Exterme - Who needs a right hand when you’ve got Guided Missiles?
  • Sentry Guns Damage: Medium - Up to three floating weapon platforms deploy from Bucket's “chest”.
  • Mechanized Recharge Damage: None - Bucket refreshes the cooldowns of the class abilities of his team
  • Shield Burst Damage: None - Applies a shield to all Hunters within an area around the Support that will decay after a short time

Strategic Role Summary[edit | edit source]

The Support class differs between each character in the kind of support they offer their team. In the case of Bucket, his main role is providing offensive damage from multiple sources. Bucket can create sentry turrets that float in a particular spot and automatically fire upon hostile targets in range. Although their damage is relatively light, he can deploy 3 at any given time. His primary weapon is a laser guided rocket launcher that he can direct. For utility, he can refresh his allies class abilities. The various damage sources he can provide not only deal damage to the monster, but deter or manipulate the monster as well.

Helpful Gameplay Tips[edit | edit source]

Bucket can use a handful of specialty strategies to better deal with the challenges in Evolve:

Sentry Turrets are important, use them wisely[edit | edit source]

Sentries can be used for several functions:

  • When thrown out in a random location, they can act as a guard over an area or as a wildlife detector, alerting Bucket that one of his sentries has made contact with the monster.
  • In combat, they should be placed in varying locations, making it difficult to target and take down quickly, so more of them can keep firing at the monster. This may also deter a monster from trying to eat a body, or attack an incapacitated player. As long as they are posted and firing at the monster, the monster will be forced to deal with them. Does the monster stay in range and lose health, make an effort to attack the sentry, or leave the area providing hunters with a moment of respite?

Use missiles when the Monster can't be seen[edit | edit source]

The guided missile launcher can control the flight path of rockets, which may come in handy when a monster is trying to remain out of sight. Consider firing them past a corner, and directing them around that corner to hit the monster.