Electro Griffin

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Electro Griffin
Electro Griffin
Class: Trapper
Difficulty: Easy
Main Weapon: The Laser Storm
Sidearm: The Final Lockdown
Special: Sound Spikes
Ability: Planet Scanner

Electro Griffin focuses on close combat to control the Monster and deal sustained damage. His short ranged harpoon gun will lock down and electrify a fleeing Monster while The Laser Storm provides a damaging slow. Sound Spikes work as a remote alarm system, giving away a Monster's position when it gets near one.

Electro Griffin is a Trapper hunter.


Electro Griffin knows taking on Monsters will be no easy task, so bringing along the latest and greatest in Ninja fighting technology with The Laser Storm and The Final Lockdown...The Monsters of Shear are sure in for a Shock when Electro Griffin first lands into the Hunt.

Designed to take a new twist on Griffin Halsey's infamous Gauss SMG that was used to take down the Orion Tarrasaur. The Laser Storm is Electro Griffin’s primary weapon when it comes to taking on the dangers he’ll face on Planet Shear. Infused with electro neuron dampening plasma that will slow the movement of anything it touches, this is a great weapon dish out damage and keep the pressure on the Monsters. Utilizing the Electro Suit, the user will also be able to move at full speed while firing to help keep that hot plasma on any hostile target.

Bringing another twist on the original Griffin Halsey kit, the harpoon gun for Electro Griffin has had a shocking redesign to take on Ninjas and Monsters alike. Since Electro finds himself in many close calls, the repurposed harpoon gun dubbed “The Final Lockdown” is the right tool for the job. Infused with face melting, chord ripping, riff shredding sonic disrupter energy. The Final Lockdown when held on a target will damage and lockdown any movement the Monster had planned on making. Be on the lookout for the personally altered acoustics that Electro Griffin has requested were necessary to melt the faces of anyone who stood in his way.


Coming straight out of the latest box office flop "Electro Griffin and the Ninjas of Neo-Tokyo", Roger Brown has reprised his role as Electro Griffin to make an electrifying return to his pursuit of fame and fortune. However instead of hunting down Ninjas, Electro Griffin will be taking on his biggest challenge yet...Hunting the ravenous Monsters on the world of Shear.

Weapon loadout

The following weapons are part of Electro Griffin's default loadout:

  • The Laser Storm - Laser SMG that damages and applies a slow on impact.
  • The Final Lockdown - A short range harpoon that deals damage over time while connected to the Monster.
  • Sound Spikes - Short range tracking devices that will reveal any Monster within the radius.
  • Planet Scanner - Upon activation points the whole team in the direction of the Monster and gives Electro a short boost of speed.

Strategic role summary

Helpful gameplay tips

Electro Griffin has two passive abilities - his Laser Storm smg, while very inaccurate, can be fired and reloaded without slowing down - in full run. His Final Lockdown harpoon has a shorter range than regular Griffin's (which has both pros and cons - if you are able to catch the monster, you'll be able to hold it on a tighter leash - back up a bit and it can't go forward... but you're closer to the monster so it can pummel you faster) and deals a bit of damage.


Hunter skins

Weapon skins