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Difficulty: Challenging
Abilities: Lightning Strike
Banshee Mines

Death from above. Lightning Strike, Banshee Mines, and Vortex can all be cast from afar, allowing Kraken to engage the enemy while airborne. Aftershock requires Kraken to get close to his enemies but the risk pays off with big damage.

The Kraken is one of the Monsters in evolve.


Kraken Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Armor 8 bars 8 bars 8 bars
Health 5 bars 8 bars 11 bars

Kraken is the second playable Monster in Evolve. It has webbed feet. It is capable of continuous flight, it specializes in long ranged combat, bombarding its enemies from the skies as it uses its abilities to control the battlefield. The Kraken's traversal is an aerial burst, putting it into the sky where it will slowly lose altitude (in combat, the Kraken will hover in the air). While in the air, the Kraken can fire projectiles as a basic attack.

Kraken can be purchased with 6500 Keys


The Kraken has four main abilities, which can be upgraded over the course of play.

  • Lightning Strike - A devastating ranged blast that never needs to strike twice.
  • Banshee Mines - Creates charged orbs that attach to nearby foes and deal explosive damage.
  • Aftershock - Kraken emits an energetic burst that chains electricity to nearby foes.
  • Vortex - Creates a blast of elemental energy that knocks back enemies from afar.

Strategic play style summary

While Kraken is capable of fighting in melee range, it excels at ranged attacks. On the ground its attack move are melees, but while flying, Kraken channels its energy to fire energy projectiles that can damage a targeted area. While in combat, whether dealing damage or taking it, he can remain in air indefinitely, but players will try to damage you and bring you down, so expect to be countered. Your natural ability to fly provides damage mitigation as hunters may find it harder to shoot at a monster in the air, than one on the ground. Kraken does not follow up attacks as quickly as Goliath can, but can manipulate the battlefield quite well. To play Kraken effectively it would be in your best interest to never be a sitting duck, use your ability to fly, keep track of all the hunters, and wear them down with all your abilities and attacks.

Helpful gameplay tips

The Kraken can use a handful of specialty strategies to better deal with the challenges in Evolve:

Flying can be defensive

Just by flying around, you can become much more difficult to shoot at. Try to always be on the move to avoid damage. It should also be noted that when you are high in the air, it might be difficult to see the puny hunters so you should sniff a lot in order to reveal them to you more easily. You may also be able to manipulate hunters to chase after you and cross into dangerous areas.

Lightning Strike

This is the most powerful ability Kraken has. It does have a large tell though, so you should probably try to activate this ability behind a player, so they don’t see it coming, then target it on them at the last second. Keep in mind that you may be vulnerable while channeling this ability, so be ready to trade damage.


This ability can reveal cloaked hunters in close proximity to the aftershock’s area of effect and cause a good deal of damage. Consider activating this ability over your target, and then use the stealth button to crouch or dive down onto the hunters and zap them shortly after.

Banshee Mines

Like a claymore, you can plant 5 of them in the world and have them activate and detonate automatically on any creature that comes close. These can also be used as projectiles in conjunction with your normal attacks, allowing you to fire multiple damaging projectiles at once. Alternatively, you can use them as detectors by placing them around corners where hunters would pass, and when they detonate, you will hear and know something came through that area.


Being able to instantly knock hunters away with this ability makes it very useful. It is most useful in preventing hunters from picking up allies. Consider saving this ability for instances like that so that as you drop hunters, they stay down until you have annihilated them all together, dropping like flies beneath your tentacles.

Be a mastermind

Kraken can be very fluid and mobile in combat. It very much favors players who can think ahead and anticipate how the battle may progress. Using your abilities wisely, controlling the battlefield, and keeping track of your opponents will aid Kraken greatly in decisive victories.

Alternate Skins

The Kraken has several alternate skins that can be unlocked through play: