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Class: Medic
Difficulty: Moderate
Main Weapon: Silenced Sniper Rifle
Sidearm: Lazarus Device
Special: Personal Cloak
Ability: Healing Burst

When teammates die or are incapacitated, Lazarus can stealthly bring them back with no health penalty. A Personal Cloak and a Silenced Sniper Rifle give him the means to get to a downed teammate without the Monster seeing him.

Lazarus is one of the many Hunters in Evolve, and is the second Medic. You can unlock him by getting One-Star of mastery with everything in Val's kit.


What kind of medic purposely lets his comrades die? One with a badass gun and the ability to restore life to the dead. Slipping past predators with a Silenced Sniper Rifle and Personal Cloak, Lazarus brings fallen allies back from death – even if they're now technically zombies.

Weapon Loadout

Lazarus is a medically minded character, represented by the default loadout available. These weapons have the capacity to deal massive damage as well as heal deadly wounds:

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle Damage: Medium - Semi auto rifle that leave small targets on the Monster where it was hit. Any bullet weapons that hit these spots deal 1.25x damage.
  • Lazarus Device Damage: None - Slightly illegal device that can revive incapacitated without any health penalties, but dead allies will lose one part of their health bar.
  • Personal Cloak Damage: None - Temporary invisibility allows Lazarus to sneak past threats. Any actions or damage taken will temporarily reveal him.
  • Healing Burst Damage: None - Short burst of rejuvenating energy that heals Lazarus and nearby allies.

Strategic Role Summary

As a medic Lazarus is not very good at healing his teammates during a fight. He is however, able to revive players and prevent a strike penalty. Incapacitation or death of a character usually means that strikes are added to their health, permanently lowering their maximum health value. By using the Lazarus Device, Lazarus can revive incapped players or dead ones quicker than a normal revive and prevent the strike. Lazarus also has a silenced rapid fire sniper rifle, which allows you to attack from secreted faraway locations so it is vital to your game play to keep farther back from the team. If the monster gets too close however, you can always use your personal cloak and sneak away, which usually turns into mind games between Lazarus and the monster players. If Lazarus is taken down, it will be very hard for the team to stay in a prolonged fight with the monster. This creates an intrinsic requirement of Lazarus players to be smart about knowing when to stay back away from the fight and when to actively help the team.

Helpful Gameplay Tips

Lazarus can use a handful of specialty strategies to better deal with the challenges in Evolve:

Your sniper rifle was made to be used a lot

The silenced sniper rifle creates weak points on targets that do not last very long. It can fire 10 rounds very quickly before needing to reload. This is ideal to be coupled with projectile weaponry that has wide spreads, allowing multiple hits from allied weapons to do extra damage. It also does not leave tracers making it a very stealthy weapon to use from long range. The monster might know from what direction the shots came from, but it cannot tell precisely where the shots came from.

You can’t revive a bag of bones

A monster can eat a hunter’s body, preventing Lazarus from reviving them. Additional hunter bodies may become so badly decomposed that the Lazarus Device may no longer work on them. Be mindful of these factors when choosing when to come back to reviving a dead player.

Coordinate with your support to extend your cloaking capabilities

Every other player becomes expendable when Lazarus is on the team. He becomes the most important person to stay alive on the team. Therefore, you should coordinate with the Support class player to use their cloak for your benefit if things get dicey. Once Support’s cloak is empty, Lazarus will still have his own personal cloak to use.