Mobile Arena

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Mobile Arena
Mobile Arena Maggie.jpg
Used By: Hunters
Damage: None

Energy dome that traps the Monster and Hunters inside.

Mobile Arena is a weapon used by the Hunters in Evolve.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Mobile Arena launches a powerful energy dome that has the ability to constrain the movement of both the Hunters and the Monsters.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Keep mind of how long it's been since you deployed the Mobile Arena - when the field drops, the Monster has free reign and becomes infinitely more dangerous.
  • The Mobile Arena is best deployed without the knowledge of the target Monster. This sets up a "mini-ambush", disorienting the Monster and allowing for more effective combat.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The Mobile Arena lasts 1 minute, and has a cooldown of 1 minute.
  • The Mobile Arena has a radius of 60 meters. It takes 4 seconds for the arena to prime (you throw it out 4 seconds later the barrier is there).
  • Once the Mobile Arena has 10 seconds left the trapper will give a verbal line saying the arena is almost out, or something to that extent. This line of VO is heard by both the hunters and the monster.
  • When the trapper is incapacitated the arena is dropped.