Nanotech Regeneration

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Nanotech Regeneration
Character: Hunter
Category: Superior
Unlock Cost: 3200

Regenerate 40 health per second.

Nanotech Regeneration is a superior hunter perk.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Nanotech Regeneration can be unlocked with 3200 Silver Keys.

Unlocked by reaching level 22 with Kala.

Unlocked by reaching level 22 with Sunny.

Unlocked by reaching level 22 with Cabot.

Unlocked by reaching level 28 with Tech Sgt. Hank.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Nanotech Regeneration has three upgrade tiers:

Tier Cost Increase
1 3200 40
2 4600 50
3 ?? 60

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