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Shear screenshot.jpg

Shear is the planet where the bulk of Evolve takes place.


Shear is a resource heavy planet that is currently in the process of colonization. The planet, which has been outfitted with power generation dams and food production facilities is populated largely by aggressive wildlife which has resisted attempts at human settlement. The largest of the threatening creatures are known as the Monsters. These megalithic creatures have the ability to quickly evolve by consuming meat, and dominate the ecosystem of Shear. They are challenged by an extremely powerful and well-trained contingent of humans known as the Hunters. This elite group of men and women are tasked with capturing and destroying these monsters for the good of all mankind and the peaceful settlement of Shear.

Combat in Evolve takes place over multiple unique maps. There will be sixteen different maps available upon release, though four have been confirmed thus far.

The nature of the Monsters

The Monsters themselves are of a unique, interesting origination; while they were originally seen as possibly being native to the planet, it seems that they too are an invasive species. This would explain why the natural fauna on Shear are as aggressive to the Monsters as they are; the Monster itself as an invasive predator.


The weather on Shear ranges wildly from territory to territory. In Evolve, several weather effects will be encountered, changing the environment and appearance of the various maps featured.

  • Clear - in this weather state, there's no rain or other weather obstructions. The sky is clear and visibility is good. This is the best weather condition when hunting the Monster, as it is clear enough to see the creature but still provides decent cover for the Hunters.
  • Fair - the fair weather state is the same as Clear, except it lends itself to more clarity for both the Monster and the Hunters.
  • Cloudy - the cloudy weather condition somewhat obscures vision by darkening certain areas, making traversal for either the Hunters or the Monster that much more effective. This weather condition requires a heightened sense of the environment to effectively wage combat in.
  • Rain - the rain weather state comes in two varieties: light rain and heavy rain. In light rain, small droplets rain down on the battlefield, and somewhat obscure vision. In heavy rain, the rain is intense and focused, and can not only obstruct vision, but create mirages and trick the eye into seeing reflections where there are none. Additionally, this weather state launches lightning strikes, which can briefly illuminate dark areas, making the process of stalking prey for setting up an ambush that much more dangerous.
  • Snow - like rain, this condition comes in light and heavy varieties, and has all the same stipulations as the rain weather state, without lightning. Additionally, the snow weather state has a blizzard variety, in which visibility is heavily restricted.
  • Sandstorm - the sandstorm heavily restricts visibility, whipping up sand in a feverish frenzy. The sandstorm can be either light or heavy, and has much the same variation as snow or rain.