Tech Sgt. Hank

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Tech Sgt. Hank
Class: Support
Difficulty: Easy
Main Weapon: Laser Cannon
Sidearm: Shield Charger
Special: Orbital Drill
Ability: Shield Burst

The Tech Sergeant Hank anticipates battle by giving teammates shields with the Shield Charger. The Laser Cannon is a reliable damage dealer but when Tech Sergeant Hank really wants the Monster to move, the Orbital Drill is best.

Tech Sgt. Hank is one of the twelve Hunters in Evolve, and is the starting Support character.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tech Sgt. Hank is an adaptation of the support character Hank, while similar to his namesake, Tech Sgt. Hank's abilities all look and work differently, from an always on Shield Charger to a monster-homing Orbital Drill. The main difference to Tech Sgt. Hank from Hank, is that his shields don't decay over time, but he has a less powerful Shield Burst than other support classes; he is a more proactive character, shielding before a fight, where Hank is a more reactive character.

Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

Tech Sgt. Hank

Tech Sgt. Hank is a character which focuses entirely on supporting the various Hunters who make up his team. His loadout reflects this, supporting the hunters with Shield Projector and Shield Burst as well as dealing out high damage with is Laser Cannon and Orbital Drill:

  • Laser Cannon Damage: Medium-High - Cannon that fires a continuous beam, capable of high damage over a short time before needing time to recharge.
  • Shield Protector Damage: None - Single-target shield that protects fellow Hunters with a non-decaying shield.
  • Orbital Drill Damage: Extreme - Summons a 10 second beam from an orbital mining satellite that causes massive damage and tracks targets even when blocked by ceilings.
  • Shield Burst Damage: None - Applies a shield to all Hunters within an area around the Support, less powerful than other supports, but that will not decay over time.

Strategic Role Summary[edit | edit source]

The support class differs between each character in the kind of support they offer their team. In the case of Tech Sgt. Hank, his main role is to increase the team’s durability in a fight by building up his their shields beforehand. When he’s not protecting his allies he can use his Laser Cannon, one of the most precise weapons in the game, to deal out a significant amount of damage; support classes typically have the second highest damage potential in any team composition. On top of his primary weapon, Tech Sgt. Hank can deal out even greater damage in a short period of time by calling down a 10 second beam from an Orbital Drill that will prioitize monsters over wildlife when it tracks its target, following them even when blocked by ceilings, causing heavy continuous damage to any enemies caught in the beams path. In practice, the Orbital Drill is easy for monsters to avoid, so its use is equally effective at manipulating the monster’s movement by forcing it to run from incapped players, as well as comboing it with slows and trapper snares can help maximize damage. An important note is that while the Orbital Drill will track monsters when blocked by ceilings, it can't be called down to a target location originating in caves.

Helpful Gameplay Tips[edit | edit source]

Tech Sgt. Hank can use a handful of specialty strategies to better deal with the challenges in Evolve: